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As deep plant lover, fiber arts and decoration, I naturally imagined to turn some of my block-prints into embroidery patterns. The numerous botanical designs I'm used to print inspired me a collection of plants to decorate your walls.



Every design is suitable to a beginner embroiderer.  I specially wrote an instructional book in English and French as well, coming along with each kit including general plus specific directions for each design.

So don't be afraid to give a try to embroidery if it's the first time! On top of that, all the supplies are packed in a pretty hand-printed drawstring bag coordinated to the embroidery pattern inside :)

On Etsy or directly at the studio, you can purchase these embroidery patterns coming with a complete kit to create each botanical design, nothing to buy in extra. You will find 4 different patterns:


- Pilea planter

- Monstera leaf

- Ginkgo-Biloba leaves

- Cactus 

Each pouch includes: 

- A piece of unbleached cotton canvas with a block-printed design
- An embroidery hoop (6" diameter)
- Embroidery floss in various colors
- One embroidery needle
- Instruction notes (in English) booklet to realize the embroidery 
- A block-printed drawstring bag to carry your work!

Thanks to the block-printed cotton canvas piece included in the kit, no need to download and transfer the design. Also, you won't need to buy specific threads or a hoop fitting the design. Just all you need is provided in this kit to enjoy stitching along! On top of that, the pouch is ideal to carry with you. Light and small, you can easily slide it in your bag and keep it handy for short or long trips.  


No doubt you will like these kits if like me, you are plant lover and like to stitch along.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I you want to purchase a kit it's for sale on Etsy and during my workshops here and there


Happy stitching!

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