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Sewing Summer Time in France

During my 2 months in France this summer I didn’t sew a lot, even almost nothing despite the fact I had my mother’s sewing machine (that I brought over to her in France) AND fabrics bought in Paris during the first part of my trip. As usual, these vacations went so fast !

I have been in different parts of the country but before reaching my house in Savoie, I spent few days in « my campagne » in Creuse, the center of France, the village where I went during my childhood. I have never lived there, in this very old house of granite stones, lost in the green fields scattered with cows, where my father and his wife still love escaping the rush of Paris as soon as they can.

Now, I don’t build anymore sheds in the woods neither ride the paths with my bike all along the days with my friends, but it’s still a delightful time to take vacation there. Like a mom, I just enjoyed the time with my youngest daughter who stayed alone with me (the first time without her older sisters) and my dad. I just made a skirt for her that she asked me for a long time (with a France Duval-Stalla’s fabric) and 2 placemats with Liberty biais and iron on fabrics bought at Frou-Frou.

Here they are, I will take more pictures of the skirt later (cf. the photo with the chick), I mainly wanted to show the placemats. I made them with a linen vinyl fabric decorated with a fork and a knife cut in hot fix fabric (iron on) and surrounded by the matched bias tape. I have to make other ones for all the family but I keep them both for the moment like samples for my future sewing classes. By the way, we live now in California and I hope to get quickly my new employment authorization and be able to teach sewing as last year !

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