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My Little Lunch Bag

New lunch bags for a new school year ! Amongst the fact to move in California, our biggest change here is to have left the French school for an American public school. I mean for us and not just for my girls because this change included also the parents... and mainly me as I have to prepare the lunches all along the week like almost every American mom ! Fortunately their school is great but actually, if we want to avoid nuggets, burgers or pizza everyday, it's better to bring our own food... So, I decided to make the bags for each one and even for myself (not really necessary but appreciated for the "family lunch" day because once a month we can share the lunch at school with our kids). As usual I worked without a pattern but creating my own, as easy as possible, trying different sizes and shapes. At least I got the best size for Marlene's lunch bag (20/10/20). Regarding the vinyl fabric I used, everyone chose it by himself and happy mom I was to create them on custom, with or without a strap, depending if they have to hold on the shoulder like Louisa and Marilou or put directly in the schoolbag like Marlène. And you, which lunch bag do you prefer ?

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