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My Very Little Baskets

As soon as I achieved the first little basket, one of my girl brought it and exclaimed “can I keep it for me?” and as usual, mom was thinking she had to make another one… But I said “let me first take a picture of them!”. And when the following day I saw Marilou dressed with her assorted skirt and playing with the 3 little baskets, it was my turn to exclaim “keep going with the baskets, no problem” and I took the photos of them in her lovely hands.

I made those baskets with laminated printed fabrics with cherries and butterflies of France Duval Stalla. In her name appears the country where they come from, yes from France, bizarre…. I planed to visit her shop in Paris as soon as I learnt the opening in the “Quartier Latin” a few months before my arrival in June. The shop is pretty small but full of gorgeous fabrics with deep colors and neon sewing accessories I love as well.

It takes place in one of the most famous place of the capital and it’s still a delight to take a walk in this area with prestigious universities, beautiful buildings and pretty stores. I definitely love this neighborhood. By the way, you can visit her shop just to take a look at this pretty shop or like me, because you would like to buy everything…

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