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My Little Fur Scarves

As last year at the same time, I made some scarfs with faux fur and fabric. One year ago, it was for The Holiday Boutique at the International School of Boston. It was a success. A lot of people acquired this sweet and pretty accessory and I was happy to see them enjoying it all along the winter.

This year, I made new ones for a little selling at the French Cultural center of San Diego on December 13th. I made some with similar fabrics as last year and others with new fabrics as you can see on the pictures above. Both (blue with white fur and black with grey fur) are 100% fine batiste cotton fabric from the designer Robert Kaufman and a faux fur 100% polyester found in the US. The grey fabric of the bag is also a 100% fine batiste cotton, bought in Paris at "Marché Saint Pierre". To be a perfect gift, the scarfs can match with the assorted purses and belts.

For my part I love to wear a scarf because it's nice but also it keeps me warm during winter. I love the appearance of the fur and the association with different print fabrics. Not snow for me this winter but it's always a pleasure to wear them on chilly evenings.

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