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A Tree For My Lampshade

And one more tree in my home !

I feel like making everything with this fabric found in Boston last year. Now, it illuminates my living room and also allowed me to create a beautiful decoration object.

In fact, it's a black and white fabric. I love it raw in B/W, but when I planed to use the pink duck tape for the lampshade, I decided to add a few touches of a matched color. Not really necessary, but I like the pop touch with pink neon, as you have probably already noticed. In first, I wanted to use pink thread and embroider on the fabric, but when I realized I had fabric pencils (that I almost never use), I didn't hesitate a long time to try the faster way to realize my idea. And not so bad finally !

I love the lamps, I love the trees, I love fancy fabrics. Definitely I love my third lampshade which is certainly just a beginning of a long series !

And you, do you like it ?

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