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Before and After in my new home sweet home...

White ! Definitely I love the white !!!

But since 8 years I avoid it, mainly in the kitchen (look at the previous post here below if you don't know why). Thankfully, laminated fabric and vinyl exist. Now, my 3 kids can eat there (safely for mom) and I delight the brightness of my diner table benches.

After covering the eight chairs of my friend-neighbor just before the Holidays, I decided taking more care of my house and do the same. These benches were already in the house, ugly but really useful. Despite the fact we are renting, I decided to change the covers. Actually I kept the initial fabric below and I put the new one on the top, in case I would need to remove it when we will leave this house (as late as possible I hope).

I took advantage of my mom presence for vacation, caring the kids for this time. It was a little bit tricky in the corner but worth doing it, even if it's just for a couple of years. But you know, at least, it was quickly done : no stitch, no thread, just staples !

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