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My Pincushion Bracelet

Here we are in 2014 and I now teach sewing at the French-American School of San Diego !

After waiting 8 months, I finally got my new employment authorization. At least, I can share my favorite activity and it's a real delight for me to teach again sewing to kids, even an accomplishment.

I am so glad to have a new enthusiastic and young team full of many ideas and funny projects. After having talked about their sewing experience and their ideas, we started the first class by making a useful and cute tool : the pincushion bracelet.

More for crafter than seamstress, you can easily make it without a machine and like my students, just by hand-stitching. Everything is described to make this pincushion bracelet on my web site. Have a look to the pincushion tutorial and let me know what you think about it !

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