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My Little Dressing

Very often, people knowing I love to sew, ask me if I make clothes. Because this week I'm starting teaching to adults, even if there is no clothing on my blog and I don't sell any (neither on request), I think it's time to talk about that.

Yes, of course, I make some for myself and my kids. Unfortunately I don't have the time to make as many as I wish and a big pile of patterns is waiting for me in my workshop. I sew since a long time now and mainly for my household, but I started sewing clothes with real patterns more recently.

Here are some from my dressing made with French patterns from "Coupé-couzu" (Blouse Recto-Verso and Jolie Madame) and "Les Cahiers Couture" (Heliodore) declined with my own customizations. The skirt and the fur shirt on the bottom are totaly "homemade" ;). I also love making my own patterns since a long time, often inspired by a wear that I already have in my dressing or just from an idea.

I like to sew fast and get quickly what I'm making. That's why I mainly use pretty and elegant patterns not too long and not too sophisticated. If you are a busy mom like me, I figure out it's the same for you. And you, what's your favorite pattern you love to sew ?

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