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Silhouette pillows

First, I made a profile pillow with Marlene just like a training for teaching and finally, I made my three little girls profiles for my own pleasure, so as to make them happy and also as an ornement of their bedroom.

In the book of Annabel Lowe Wrigley "We love to sew", the author proposes to make it with a black fabric to look like more like a silhouette made by shade. I love this version but according my kids preferences, I propose here a more colorful version.

Marlene, one more time, chose her favorite fabric with pink flowers and green leaves. I made the assorted piping to surround the cushion. Louisa chose metallic glitters and a vichy fabric for both sides and pink pompoms for the edges. At least, my little one Marilou, certainly under Barbie style influence (look at her profile in pink and the pony tail), chose the pink one and birds for the bottom. I made an extra in larger size, the blue one with a purple glitters profile, for Marlene's best friend. And Marlene was so proud to offer a personnalized gift !

Easy to make and like a picture, it's a good way to keep a souvenir of our kids. Something totally customizable with your favorite colors and fabrics. If you don't yet have the book mentioned above and you don't know how to do, don't hesitate to ask me, it will be my pleasure to give you my tips !

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