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Neon Day

Yesterday night, at 7 pm, my oldest daughter reminded me that tomorrow is neon day at school and she wished, like her friends, to dress up with special clothes for this event.

Ok, no panic. One more event to follow, one more excitement, but, as usual, needing parents cooperation. In fact, all year long in the US, we have special events at school to make kids happy, it's funny : crazy hair day, jog a thon day, Halloween book parade day, walking to school day, pajama day, 100th day of school day, donut day, and here we are : NEON DAY.

Thankfully my friend the fusible web supported me and I quickly customized one of her shirt with neon stars matched with a basic skirt made with the same fabric. My Kam buttons helped me for a sophistication touch. On the other hand, Louisa was less convinced by this event and dressed a regular pop skirt and her lovely shirt with neon touches.

Not very proud of my job but just happy to give satisfaction to my daughter and avoiding to run for special errands in order to answer to her request. Here, everything is good to consume and it's still a challenge to avoid it. I try to teach everyday to my kids that they can get satisfaction by themselves and not just by their money...

Next week it's Valentine's day, let's see what we are going to make when you know that each child is supposed to bring a card for every students of their classroom. 28 students for Lousia, 26 for Marlène and 12 for Marilou. As we say in French, "A chaque jour suffit sa peine", in English I would translate this sentence "one labor for each day is enough" or "demain est un autre jour" so, tomorrow is another day ;)

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