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A wee bunting for Louisa's birthday (DIY for kids)

My little Louisa turned 6 and we celebrated her birthday last Sunday with her friends. So happy she was, she kept her beautiful smile on her face all day long. The Elfe came back for this event as he promised when he left after Christmas (I learnt this new tradition just this year) and Louisa has been the princess of the house for a week-end. I love to prepare the birthday parties, find appropriated divertments, imagining crafts, even if it makes me a bit stressful.

This year, I made a cute wee bunting to decorate the pie. It's a small accessorie but it totally changes the look of the cake. It gives, festive, fun and colored touches, kids love it ! They even wanted to bring it home !

I rescued my wee bunting but you can make your own. I made the tutorial for you, click here and let me know if you use it !

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