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the customized slap band

Next project for my sewists today : the customized slap band !

Maybe your kids already got a slap band in a goody bag or somewhere else. If you don’t know yet this kind of funny bracelet (that when you slap it on your arm, it turn itself around the wrist) you can purchase them anywhere, in toys shops or drugstores as well for less than $1. In general, decoration isn’t very pretty but it’s so easy to customize !

If you have scraps of fabrics, tulle, pompoms you can make this customization easily. Take the first plastic or fabric band off and keep the slap band. You can use the first band cover like a pattern for the new one. Make the new cover with the fabric of your choice and put it on the band. You can either put ornaments before or after covering the band, it’s up to you ! Very often it’s easier for kids to sew the decoration after, so as to avoid sewing both sides of bracelet together. Et voilà !

No sewing machine? Use fusible web tape ! Here is just an idea, but use your imagination and put other pretty ornaments !

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