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Happy Easter !

Okay kids, it's Easter next week and I'm not making chocolate eggs nor bunnies yet, as usual in April...Never mind, as we don't have some "chocolat de couverture", I'm making nevertheless few things for you. No sweet taste or smell like chocolate but it's pretty as well (...and it doesn't melt with the sun and won't provide you any calorie). Indeed, if you look in the backyard you might find cute sparkling bunnies in which you can put your money and your little treasures.

Interested by making it yourself ? Cut 3 same shapes in clear plastic, put some sequins between 2 shapes sewn together by an open hole let in the seam. Sew the 3 shapes all together from the neck and all around the lower part. Put a button for the eye and to close and place the pompom for the tail with hot glue gun, et voilà !

And you, what are your crafty ideas for Easter celebration this year ?

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