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About past, present and future...

Now I can close brackets, the Art n’craft Spring Camp is over. I appreciated these 10 days spent with a lovely group of about 10 kids, imagining and creating as many projects as possible to have a chance to see some sparkles in their eyes. It was a big work, for preparation and teaching as well, but a positive experience.

On the other hand, I’m happy now to be able to conduct my sewing projects. My head so full of ideas ! In true, things are serious now, not just a blog, I have got my Business Name !

I needed time for seriously deciding to make my passion an official business. I just started my blog about 1,5 years ago. Throughout my blog, I discovered a new world, I met new people and learnt a lot. All of which pushed me to carry on my work, always giving the best of myself. Little by little and thanks to certain people (my friends will recognize themselves), I gain some confidence (oh, and I still need it so much !) and today, I’m convinced by this choice.

A French book gave me certainly the part of confidence I needed to take this decision : "Vendre et mettre en avant ses créations" (“How to sell and highlight your work”). I noticed I wasn’t alone to need some answers about basics tools. I found answers with professionals talking about their own experiences in handmade skills. On top of that, I felt to take part of a real community even if I’m so far away, it’s a state of mind.

This book doesn’t totally match with my profile because, in first I don’t live in France anymore, and also because selling is just one part of my job. I consider teaching as a big part of my work. But thanks to this reading, I was able to figure out what I wish. I had to admit I was looking for a real status, for sure it was not just a hobby. I needed to structure my thoughts. In this case, and mainly in the US, to get a legal status became completely obvious.

When I arrived in Boston almost 4 years ago, I left my job in France and I lost all my professional perspectives. As many other mom at home, I took advantage of the situation and allowed me to express my personality. Finally, I made my job on custom and I’m fully aware of my chance !

And about the pic here above, here are 2 little new things in my boutique to associate or not with the lunch bag, a snack pocket and a cutlery purse.

Thank you everyone for your support and don’t hesitate to spread my website around you !

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