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The Boho pillow-mattress

Oh oh, so Boho ! I love this look ! This floral and colorful mattress inspires me lazying, relaxing and peaceful time.

Do you have extra pillows in your closets ? Would you like to have this mattress in extra to relax in the yard, for kid's pajama party or like a pretty pouf for household ? Here is the pillow-mattress, already well known on Pinterest. Today it's my turn to use this ingenious way to make a couch.

So, I opened my floral treasures from Yucatan, found last year during our trip in Mexico. Floral print on one side and checked fabric on the other one. For embellishment but first because it looked necessary to be well seated, I decided to add two bows, 2 straps to firmly maintaining every cushions. Adjustable and pretty, these straps are easy to open and tie.

My kids love this mattress, for reading or playtime as well ! I have to confess it makes a very good wall for their sheds they love so much to build. Definitely, it's adopted by whole family and I'm ready to make ones for you. On top of that, so easy to stuff and to wash in machine.

It's now in "my little boutique" and I can make it with fabrics of your choice. For sure, a good acquisition for summer time !

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