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Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother’s Day to everybody having this wonderful chance to be mom !

Today, I’m introducing my new and pretty blouse for this happy day.

Because I loved so much my blouse from « Comptoir des Cotonniers »bought last Summer in France, I decided to make another one with my own fabrics. And oh, so beautiful fabrics there are and oh, so pleasant they were to sew ! The striped fabric is a super high quality cotton voile from Japan and the floral fabrics is a liberty Robert Kaufman that I used for scarves and belts this Winter, maybe you can recognize it. Making the pattern from this top wasn’t so easy but finally, I got satisfaction of the result, I can even say that love it a lot !

I appreciated to make this short break in my orders confection with hard and laminated fabrics to do something just for myself with regular, thin and soft fabrics. After all, it’s week end ! After a ride in the canyon with the whole family just down of our house yesterday, I took a few hours to make it so as to wear it today.

To celebrate this day, the morning started by a breakfast served in my bed. My oldest daughter Marlène asked me why she can’t have the same and I respond : « Aujourd’hui je suis la reine mais vous, vous l’êtes tous les autres jours de l’année ! » « Today, I am the queen but you girls, you’re princess all year long ! »

Enjoy your day !

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