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A craft supplies case for young travelers

Summer break is coming and a long long trip is on my calendar for next month, to France of course !

Reaching Europe from West Coast is just twice longer than from Boston, at least 11 hours flight from Los Angeles to Paris ! Return trip will even be longer with 2 stops, we definitely keep the best journey for the end of vacation…

Let’s be positive, kids grew up and now, 2 of them are readers and the last one is really passionate by drawing and writing (every letters of the abc, it doesn’t matter if it makes any sense, so funny). I need to keep them busy for this long trip but also something to make them independent. Agree to play with them and share activities but grabbing books, toys, pencil case or whatever in 3 different backpacks for 11 hours (obviously, the bag is of course behind the kid that is asleep and the task is quite difficult to reach it), no way !

I made these traveler cases so as to have everything handy, my girls can easily put their case inside the backpack and let it in the backseat pocket during the trip, in plane like in train or car. A big folder can host paper sheets (regular size) under the big zipper pocket, perfect to host a tablet. On the other side, there is a pencil case and 2 little pockets well fitted for small accessories. Right in the middle of them, favorite pens take place across elastics or hooks for Rubber bands addicts. But let your kids imagine their own organization, you will be surprised to see how they can optimize every space !

As soon as I achieved the first traveler case for my crafty girls, they all 3 asked me to make one for themselves. I was secretly happy because it was already planed before they requested, logical to make one for each. And they love their traveler case! They just like the idea to organize their activities and prepare a new trip. They are very excited to use their new traveler cases already filled with many things ! This idea was in my mind for a long time, I got a real satisfaction making them happy.

If you would like one, let me know, I’m going to add it in My little boutique… And you, what’s your tips and tricks to keep your kids busy when you’re traveling ?

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