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The minimalist i-phone wallet

We can’t go anywhere without our phone, right ?

This small thing indeed became so important, no just as phone but also as a computer that we carry everywhere. In fact, it’s even something that I also carry for my safety, so as to be able to contact whoever in case of problem. Recently, my friend F. asked me to make one for her. Funny because a few days ago I discussed this eventual project to my husband so, as soon as F. requested one I jumped on it !

This wallet is just perfect when you don’t need to carry out your regular heavy and messy wallet, when you leave home but you’re staying in your neighborhood : for a walk with kids, running errands down of the street or just for visiting neighbors… I made a small pocket on the back, very convenient to put credit card or money. You can also leave the strap if you need a case to protect your phone in the bag.

And you, could you leave home without your phone ? Maybe for running ? Oh what I say, it would suppose no music…

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