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Story about 3 little baskets...

Ready, stamp, sew !

We can say that these 3 tier hanging baskets are completely home-made : first, kids cut a plain coton fabric. Next step, they drew shapes to make their own stamps and then, printed their fabrics before sewing. They even made ornements to decorate basket edges with pink felt. Oh, that ‘s a lot !

It wasn’t really in my plans to make that project after the last one. In fact, the girls requested to make 3 tier hanging baskets like I have in my studio with so much enthusiasm that I wasn’t able to say no. And they were right, it was really a good project. In addition, it was a great opportunity to paint fabrics as I did with kids during Spring camp at the French school.

Definitely, it was a fun and artistic project and so proud they were to make one more useful and pretty thing for their girly room. Yay !

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