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La vie en rose...

Marilou voit la vie en rose !

Marilou sees the world through rose-colored glasses. Keep going my little sweet heart, keep your happiness and enjoy your childhood as much as possible !

A few weeks ago, we celebrated her birthday and of course, we invited her best friends at home for a garden party with candles, cakes, craft, piñata and an unexpected entertainment, a bug chase. So glad and so smiley she was, at least it was her turn to be the princess of the day !

Yes, definitely Marilou watches “la vie en rose”, she chose the pink fabric of her bunting garland with her name, also neon pink for her crown and pink frosting for the “choux à la crème”. But in my head, another music resonates. Not at all this one of Edith Piaf "Je vois la vie en rose" ! I’m talking about this song that we love so much her dad and I and that obviously influenced us, four years ago. "Marilou sous la neige", this title comes from the awesome album of Serge Gainsbourg and we love to listen this music with Marilou, she loves it too.

Now, she’s four years old and she’s still looking for to be older, independent and autonomous. She doesn’t accept to be the little sister of her 2 big sisters but she insists to say she’s the sister but certainly not the little one !

But for me, my sweety, you will stay definitely my Babylou !

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