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Pajama for men and story about a fabric...

On Sunday it’s Father’s day ! Do you want to sew for him ?

As I sew for myself one month ago for Mother’s day, I’m sewing now for my hubby, alias super daddy of my girls and super husband. Because recently he noticed that I make clothes for everybody at home except him, so now, I’m rectifying that with pleasure !

Here it’s just an idea of present that you, sewists, you can do as me, a pajama pant for daddies. I know, it’s a little bit late to give an idea for next Sunday but I realized I could do this pant just today almost at the last minute. And in case you are like me, I mean, able to sew whenever, maybe it’s still time to make it.

Unfortunately I can’t give you patterns reference because I picked one pant of my husband to get the shape. The list of required materials is really light, you will just need 1,5 yard of fabric, 1 yard of elastic and eventually an assorted tie.

For my part I was really happy to use this beautiful cotton of an extreme quality and brought back from India by my brother (more precisely found in Mumbai after an incredible hunt across the town, as he told me after). I’m laughing inside but I feel guilty in same time when I imagine him looking for some fabrics for me, just because I told him that he should find pretty fabrics over-there. Can’t wait to see him next week in France and I’m sure that he will be happy to learn that I used his fabric for his friend, his brother in law.

He went back again this year and I already know that he brought me back beautiful notions to feed my hobby. But I swear that this time I didn’t make any suggestion about shopping in India !

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