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The chalkboard backpack

Summer break with my daughters is creative and productive !

As soon as Marlene achieved her quilted flags, it was Louisa’s turn to make something with me.

Because she loved the backpack made with my students at the San Diego French-American School, I proposed her the same kind of backpack. Instead of making embellishment with appliqué, the new part of this project was to sew a fabric chalkboard painted by herself and used like a pocket on front of the bag.

She sew very carefully, she stayed focused on her work and I was really impressed by her good reflexes. I realized that she grew up a lot, just the time of a short school year and at almost 6 and a half years old (with adult supervision off course), she’s ready for sewing !

This experience achieved to convince me to open classes for these kids ages, of 6 and 7. Between sewing and craft, at this class in my studio, children will learn sewing and they will create many pretty thing with fabrics and hand-stitching . Every child will be able to try a sewing machine with a small project to make an introduction to the sewing machine, like making this charlkboard backpack.

I’m sure you will find the program that will match with your kid’s expectations. You can choose a theme, like American Girl Doll, Princess or girls accessories. Take a look on my program for more informations and enroll your kid for fun and creative classes throughout a session of 4 classes !

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