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Happy back to school !

Happy back to school !

I know it's not the big come back to school yet for most of you, but today is the first day of school for my girls and so important it is ! So much excitement to know their new teachers and their new roommates for the 10 following months and after a big break. Two months that came by so fast, full of trips, visits and activities. I need time to sort the pics so as to give you an overview on this summer and also several ideas and DIY for home decoration, let's see later and talk about present...

As soon as we came back last week, I worked in my studio to be able to sew as soon as possible. Fortunately, the girls were busy at home or with friends, rediscovering their toys like at Christmas, enjoying the beautiful weather, the pool and bicycles, so as I was available to progress on my work during this last week of vacation spent at home in San Diego. I tried to work fast and now, the move is almost done and I can't wait to show you the result of this labor !

Here is my first project made in my new (and terrific !) space. Two little presents to welcome my niece and my nephew arriving today from France and finishing their big tour in the US. I took a scholarship book designed fabric, purchased in France this summer at Motif Personnel. I had fun writing directly on the fabric with my fabric markers before laminating them. Now, I gonna try to keep the rest of this piece of fabric for my classes, I have beautiful projects in my mind to make with children. I have to prepare everything to be ready for teaching in September. I'm looking forward to get more time for sharing with you, it was just few words to restart the rhythm :-)

Happy back to school again and for blogger moms like me, happy back to the bloggosphere !

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