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Welcome to my studio !

Today I'm happy to introduce you my studio, I should say more than happy! Here is my new space, my little nest, The Place dedicated to my passion for sewing, a creative sewing. Generally not too hard, sometimes more challenging, but always made with heart and first, to get fun ! I made this place for teaching, sharing, working in small group of 4 to 6 people and alone as well. It's a pleasant environment perfect to be efficient, still relax and inspired. As you can see, it's colorful and bright, mainly painted and decorated with light and pastel colors with several touches that pop. I took some pictures for you, sewist or crafter, to share my tips and tricks to organize your space, your tools, your fabrics or just for decoration.

I took inspiration from Pinterest but I also used my own imagination to find appropriated solutions to take advantages of the limits of this place. Missing shelve, I put almost all my big fabric pieces on a multitude of hangers coming from the dry cleaner and accumulated through the years (I knew that I would use them one day !). I had a very big shelf in the corner, I put every baskets for craft and art supplies. The iron board takes place in the other corner, a safety place perfect for on person ironing. No need to plug in the iron neither the light, both are plugged on a same rack so as just one button controls them. If the light is on, the iron is hot, if the light is off, the iron is off, good tip not to forget to turn it off :)

In order to store buttons, nothing is better and prettier than jam jars, Mason jars, any sizes, any shapes, according your needs. Paint and paste a figurine on top of the cap and you can get a super design box ;) For patterns, a shoes box will be perfect, kid shoes box for small ones, and regular size for bigger pattern formats. I put my notions in transparent plastic box purchased at our Swedish friend store, for very cheap, with the cap you can superpose them and optimize the space. Both blue roller carts come from the same place, super useful for handy accessories. On top of one, near my sewing machine and serger, are my main sewing tools in an organizer rack. Presser feet are hung on a magnetic board, look at details on this link for more explanation, excellent and surprising ideas with magnets. I lost so much time looking for my piping presser foot, now it's done with this super idea !

About furnitures, the big desk in the bottom with a big shelf on the top is an old workbench found in my garage, perfect for 3 or 4 students, lucky me ! The cutting table is a basic folding table where I changed the top for a big melamine board got and cut on custom at Home Depot. For my comfort, yes just for me, I put my desk and my machines right in front of the canyon, I have a gorgeous open view and a sweet breeze from the sea, just a delight !

And you, do you like the look of my new space ? Do you have pic of yours if you have one ? For my part, I'm looking forward to realizing many workshop here !

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