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A Special Halloween Workshop ! SOLD OUT

Right after back to school and turning the page of Summer break, we are surrounded by costumes, terrific decorations and candies. Yes, Halloween is coming soon !!! What's the most excited for kids and teenagers to costume and get tons of candies ?

In October, at MLPF Studio, your children are welcome to make their own trick-or-treat bag, that can be assorted to their costumes. That's a good project to have fun crafting and sewing, enjoying the terrific Halloween atmosphere.

I designed these bags to perfectly fit to this occasion, large size of 12"/15". As models, we will keep this style and design. We will need felt, clear plastic, tulle and a lot of scaring accessories glowing in the dark ! Every supplies are provided in this 2 hours class, even a little snack to try the taste of bats, ghosts and cats ;)

I'm looking forward to making some with your kids !

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