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Terrific girls !!!

Aren't my girls terrific ? There is like a Halloween mood floating in the air… and as you can see, no princess neither Disney characters, this year my daughters want to scare away !

Their wishes were very clear, being a vampire for Marlène (my oldest one) a bat for Louisa, and finally for my little one Marilou, a spooky ghost.

Tulle, jersey, gauze, nylon and felt have been my best associates for a good result and mainly, to give satisfaction to my very exigent customers. My girls know exactly what they want and now, they don’t hesitate to come with their project already designed in their hands to ask me to realize it, as if I had a magic wand.

It's after hard and long negotiations about silhouettes, materials and colors, drawing and erasing on the white board of my studio, that we were able to close the deal. Off course, Marilou is too young to design by herself but I have to confess it's probably with her that was the most difficult to get satisfaction. So far so good, she loves her Ghost costume and I hope she won’t change her mind in the 2 following weeks. I regret we can’t see the pretty pearly reflection on the front side layer in nylon on the pics. And can’t wait to see her mask glowing in the dark :)

Now, we have to decorate our house and pumpkin carving is on the to do list but so relieved I feel that costumes are all done !

And you, are you ready for Halloween ? Are you making the costumes for yourself or/and for your kids ?

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