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More than just pillows...

As soon as my girls came back from school, I had the ritual question : What did you sew today ? A little smile on my face, I didn't say precisely anything except "one of next kids sewing project"...

Probably assuming that something interesting happened in my studio, they immediately visited the place and caught the 3 traveler pillows put on the cutting table. Maybe because I made only 3, they assumed they were made for them and naturally, distribution was done.

But as far as I'm concerned, I was a bit confused and embarrassed, giving my agreement, not able to steal their joy but not prepared to see them disappearing so fast ! Didn't have time to ask "Which critter would you like ?" or whatever, they automatically chose for themselves.

I told them that I would need to take some pictures before delivering their adoption certificates and I didn't need to ask, as they jumped into the car with their big smiles for a quick photo shoot. Pretending to be asleep at sunset time, it was too funny and so cute ! Now it's late, I'm writing and they are really asleep, not in the car but still with their critter pillow :)

Definitely, raccoon, fox and bunny have found an adoptive family ! And the up coming classes should give birth to many other critters !

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