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Save the date !

Halloween is in the air ! Next Thursday, Oct. 23d, at 3 pm, I will be at the Library of Rancho Penasquitos to drive a special workshop. I designed a pretty and useful accessory, for boys and girls alike, especially for this event : Halloween Safety Arm Band !

We will use terrific templates : spiders, ghost, bats, witches and many others if you want to create your own according your costume."Safety" because the felt is previously painted, your shape will incredibly glow in the dark so, you can be seen by other people when you are trick and treating in the dark. At least, you will be able to attach your band around your arm thanks to a velcro already sewn on the ribbon. Easily made in 15 minutes, kids will love their little creation !

Doesn't sound good ? If yes, join us for this fun spooky workshop. It's totally free, the Library team taking care of volunteering events is very nice. You just have to give a call or stop by their desk to register your name.

For absents and people living too far away, I put every supplies on the pic to be able to guess how to make them by yourself ;)

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