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Moms Sew Out Night !

This week at MLPF Studio we had fun with the first "Moms sew out" and so happy I was to organize this event in my new little nest !

As you can see, we were fine with food and wine and by the way, we sew the famous pretty cases as planed. Every participant chose its own fabrics for both inside and outside, and used 3 different kinds of embellishments: pompoms, piping and silver rickrack. Good opportunity to teach every technique at the same time with different kinds of trims so as everybody could learn as much as possible tips and tricks during this workshop.

To avoid any panic, I prepared and gave a tutorial to everyone, with description and sketches for each step. Unfortunately, night came so fast and we were very focused on our work, so I don't have any pictures of the cases, but I guarantee they were all awesome!

If you would like to make your own pretty case like us, you can find the tutorial on my website, just click on the following link : tutorial.

Enjoy and don’t forget that everybody is welcome to the “Moms Sew out”, keep in touch for the next one !

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