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Cat Heat Pad

I introduce you Pete and his girl-friend. Both are very kind pets, and they will be pleased to lay on your shoulders and relaxing your back muscles.

In fact, as you probably guessed, these cats are Heat Pads. Put them in microwave for 2 minutes and use them for heat a painful part of your body or slide them in your bed to heat the couch in winter, you will love these cute heaters ! Filled with rice spread with essential oil, their smell and heat are both very efficient to feel more relax but you can also put them into the freezer to turn in ice pack.

By the way, I have to mention that I took inspiration in Louisa’s favorite book, Pete The Cat. And so thankful I am for these books, they make her love reading. Like her, I love the design and stories are really fun !

Cat couple “Pete and his Girlfriend” can be a great gift for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa or whoever else for Holidays, right ? These cute kitties are proposed in the Gift Workshops that I will drive in November and December. Your kids are free to chose if they want to realize this project or another one to pick in the list here.

And you, do you like these kitties ?

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