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Halloween decoration !

Today, no sewing, just craft suggestions!

I took some pics of Halloween decoration that I made for the studio. Indeed, I needed to put some terrific atmosphere for the Halloween Bags Workshop on Saturday, and also for next week, we will prepare Hallooween costumes with my weekly sewers :) As you can see, we will sew all together under Socquette's eyes (our cat on the decorated pic') and skeletons looking threateningly at us...

I will hang my hoops with witch, haunted caste, ghost and death head. Easy DIY, just using fusible interfacing black fabric cut in different shapes and ironed on different kind of thin and transparent fabrics. Very good look hanging behind a window!

Pumpkin are painted and/or modpodged to spread and paste some sparkles. All made with kids, very easy diy too. Just don’t forget to put the pumpkins in a large cubby when you put the sparkles.

The spider web is made with silver thread but you can use whatever else like regular knitting wool, use a hole maker to make holes all around the paper plate to weave the web, add a spider, that's all!

And you, what’s your favorite decoration for this event?

Happy Halloween !

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