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A cape-jacket for mom and daughter

A felt cape, maybe a cape-jacket or the wrong cape, I don't know how to call and describe this cape that is not really a cape. Why? Because I created arms, I love the look but it's not really convenient when it's totally wide, Marlene and I, we definetely appreciate it more like that.

Certainly inspired by chilly weather we had last week, even making a quick fire in my studio one day, I felt like making a warm outfit to throw up on my shoulders. I designed and made both capes, adult and kid size, perfect to fight chilly mornings and nights but probably not very often during the day. It's still pretty warm here in California but days become shorter and shorter, sunset starts around 4:30 and we already feel temperatures lowering from 4pm to finally being in total darkness as soon as 5:30pm. Days are short, weather very fluctuant but days are still sunny and how we like them!

And you, would you like to realize this outfit for you or your kiddos?

So easy to do it by yourself, I swear ! You just need a big piece of felt, Premium quality or mix wool/rayon. These kinds of felt are really thicker than regulars ones, more expensive but not so much and easy to get in your local store. Customizations are end-less, zippers, buttons, collar or a floral bias for a good finish. I will teach you how to make one at next "Mom's night out".

I'm sure you will be able to make it in a couple of hours, no stress and remember, take a sip and sew relax ;)

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