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In prep' for a birthday!

How I like this party atmosphere. This week I'm in preparation of the big day. Goody bags, invitation cards, bunting garland and of course, a sewing project. THE sewing project that every child will make and leave with. I keep the surprise until the D date, but I swear it's a lovely one :)

Girl's birthday provided me very cute fabrics to make the goody bags and they will be filled with a complete sewing kit. I embellished the bags with neon pink and yellow ribbons and customized wooden beads in souvenir of 10th's birthday. As you can see, a sparkly sewing machine decorates each bag.

The personalized bunting garland is my own gift, a bunting with her name. Presented in a simple sewn and assorted gift bag, see picture, for the moment I can't open it for her so as I'm not able to show it right now. But can't wait hanging it into the studio on Saturday!

I didn't resist to make special candles holders. I improvised them after have been unexpectedly fallen on these cute tiny little wooden spools yesterday at a store. Perfect, it was 10 plain spools in the bag! Some thread rolled around, a candle put into each hole, a pretty case to protect them, that's all :)

I love celebrating birthday. It's time for sharing, spending great time with our favorite friends but it's mostly time to specially celebrate a person. Every child is unique as well as every birthday party. We keep good remembers about birthdays all life long and turning 10th is a serious thing, so I take my job very seriously ;)

I'm looking forward being Saturday!!!

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