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It's a story about a Pine Tree...

It's a story about a pine tree who needs 24 days to dress up for the big day. Yes he needs time but I swear it will be the most beautiful little Christmas tree of your house. Do you know why? Because every decoration will be made, chosen and put by your child.

Would you rather hang the tree decorated than all naked December 1st? No problem, have fun decorating it first and then slide tiny little treats in each pocket. Indeed, with this calendar, you have two choices: use every embellishment accessory as treat that your child will get and put on the tree every single day until Christmas Eve or put your own treats into the pockets, it's up to you!

Technical information and that you can use to do it yourself if your child can't assist to this workshop: size 22"/25" with 2 eyelets on the top for hanging. We will use felt for the tree (different colors available), Duck cotton for the back, regular print cotton for the calendar and every number will be written with fabric paint or fabric marker. How put and remove decorations on felt? Nothing easier than velcro!

Can you guess what is hidden in the 24th's pocket? I give you a clue : what's the last thing we are used to put on top of Christmas tree?

3 dates for this workshop of 2h30min (SOLD OUT)

Saturday November 29th: 11am-1:30pm and 3pm-5:30pm

Monday December 1st: 2:45pm-5:15pm

Price: $38/child - 4 kids/class

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