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When candles are blown in the studio

10 candles have been blown at MLPF Studio!

8 kids came to their friend's birthday who decided to make a sewing party to celebrate her 10 years old. Her decision made me feeling very honored. Of course, it transformed my little nest in a happy place for 2 hours but provided me also a great pleasure in preparation of this big event.

I made a personalized bunting, goodie bags, invitation cards, candles, but mainly THE project. Indeed, I designed especially for this occasion a pretty bag, the "City bag" according to its urban look. It's a bag in grey felt and a front pocket made with a piece of print fabric that each kid chose to customize the bag. 5 of them didn't know how to sew at all and tried for the first time, this is more than a good start. They all made an amazing job!

After 90 minutes spent sewing with me, my friend B (the mom) and my daughter Marlène, favorite helper, made a fun game in the yard to win a book, of course, a sewing book! Then, candles could finally be blown.

These 2 hours went so fast that fortunately every children finished on time, happy and leaving with a big smile, a goodie bag filled with a sewing kit and their ultra chic city bag on the shoulder. As I put my label on the model, they even created and attached their own tag to them. As you can imagine, I was too busy to take some pictures. The best is that apparently, kids didn't feel my stress ;)

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