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A tree in the entrance...

Again and again but this time, no fabric neither needles, here is a crafty project for another version of an Advent Calendar! I know, it’s too late to give instructions but maybe it will give you some inspiration for next year.

I can't skip this ritual to hide little surprises for my 3 girls for 24 days and I couldn't resist realizing this idea I had in mind since last year. After all, it doesn't matter if we have several ones in the house, right?

But one condition for me, the esthetic is required; I have to be able to use them as ornament :) So, as decoration, we put this little tree in the entrance, with a light garland hung into the holes and all around the log, this tree looks really nice on the wooden table, mainly by night.

Another condition, the goal is not to make great gifts and spend a lot of money. For a small budget below $20 for my 3 kids, I still find a good way to fill the 24 spots with nice little treats. Sometimes it’s homemade chocolate, sometimes, fun little toys or a mix of them. This year, I mainly got everything at Target, nothing exceptional but enough to ravish everybody every morning: fun masking tapes, tiny little candy canes, hair clips, glow in the dark stars, bathtub crayons, etc.

How do we make the tree? In fact, we were 2, Marlène, my oldest daughter and I. A precious help to hold and glue every cardboard rolls together (everything is glued with a hot glue gun).

- You need 25 rolls to get this shape. I cut each roll from a very long tube I had (bigger and more robust than a regular tube used for paper towels that can also be used as substitute).

- I paint the roll construction with a white paint spray.

- I also paint half part of a log I picked in the pile in my backyard with a yellow paint spray.

- The star on the top is made with metal string and yellow yarn rolled on it. I made a hole and folded the metal tail of the star on top of the tree.

- Regarding the light garland, every single light is slid into each hole created between the rolls and I put the rest around the trunk. Like that, we will be able to reuse it in the future.

- I put some assorted tule and made a pompom garland to add some hot atmosphere. I cut a scrap of tulle to fill the 25th roll on the top.

- Finally, I wrapped 3 little treats for each roll and wrote the number on paper tape.

And you, how is your Advent Calendar this year? Did you make it?

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