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Back on the Advent Calendar workshops...

They sew garlands with embroidery stitches, made as much seams as they needed to create 24 pockets from December 1st to Christmas Eve and cut sparkly stripes and stars to embellish their tree. We Listened Christmas chorals, ate some shortbread cookies and we delighted the break in the sun. The Advent Calendar project was definitely a great way to jump in Holidays!

Kids were thrilled, creative and very invested in their work. We couldn’t start better a December, delighting this sweet and exciting atmosphere coming from children, just in thinking about approaching Holidays. You know, with this special power they have to transmit their happiness to us adults, specially during this timeframe.

We are December 3d, already 3 ornaments on their felt tree!

Good luck parents, to get ready at the end of the month. For my part, I have several ideas to embellish the tree, the true one this time, and I hope having time to realize. Keep in touch with the blog :)

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