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A fabric Pine tree in the house, just for fun...

At home, we have 2 Christmas trees located at opposite sides of the house. We have the classic one, for which the kids got a lot of fun from the purchase to the garden center to its ornamentation. And we have a pine tree in extra that I grabbed in the garage, unrolled and hung on the wall. Just for fun, it’s my Fabric Pine tree!

Last year, I hung 24 little bags to constitute an Advent Calendar but as you may know I’m fine with Ad. cal., this year I decided it’s the crafty tree, dedicated to handmade decoration. So I only put pompons, customized portraits, improved basic ornaments and several branches for the fresh green touch. On the top, a cushion star that I already plan to turn into a giant pin cushion for the main table of the studio. Do you like this fabric tree?

But I have to confess, I have like a bad feeling about my kitty staring at me, she doesn’t look very happy in her Rudolph costume…

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