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Last week, we weren't in South California. Rain and cold weather transformed the country and incredible how it changed the daily life. We are not used to receiving so much rain here. Fortunately, nothing serious happened in San Diego, unlike in northern part of the state, but it was panic on roads and highways. Finally, this weekend, weather was not that bad, sunny but chilly. Staying home, hubby arranging outside after the storm. Me, I was sick and supposed to rest. But, as my mom would say, I don't know to take a rest, staying still in motion, it was finally a very busy weekend.

With my youngest girls, when my oldest one was having fun with friends, we made decorations. Here are our sun catchers made with melted beads, we adored this project, easy, fast, cheap and so creative! Now, we feel like to hanging some everywhere! If you want to make your owns, you can find the tutorial here and btw, visit this amazing website. The author, Jean Van’t Hulu, will provide you tons of fantastic activities to do with kids.

When beads were melting, we cut some snowflakes in doilies. Like every children, every year the girls make paper snowflakes and we paste them on the windows. It was fun to try with doilies this time, we loved the fine details of the lace. It was almost night when we finished, look the beautiful show we have everyday through the window, so gorgeous, every single sunset we say “wow”...

At least, we used our pounds of chocolate we brought back last time from France in a very heavy suitcase. We made all sorts of fine chocolates, mainly with dark and strong rate of cocoa. I tell you right away, I didn't learn that by myself but I took a class 5 years ago at Lyon, as a gift for my birthday, including all the material. Great gift I use twice a year for Holidays and Easter. Except last year, we make some, me and hubby, every end of the year to distribute some all around us. But trust me, I have more patience for sewing, I did my best this time again but that's all ;)

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