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Red Carpet Event

"Fashion show and design" were the main ideas for celebrating this birthday. The best no-sew project ever!

Main supplies provided: a plain white pillow case, felt of every colors, sticky gems and go on! About 20 girls designed, cut, glued and totally created a dress that they modeled for themselves. As fashion designers and mannequins, they all went on stage at the end of the party, for a fantastic fashion show. They got a large public, and under their parent's eyes, we heard a lot of claps!

In splendid decoration and environment, we have been on a delightful planet for 2h30. Kids were all very excited and inspired by this project. They made an amazing job and tried many ideas I wouldn't have dared trying. Fortunately, very helpful moms helped driving this huge workshop. The result was up to our expectations! It was a real success. I call this party my Red Carpet Event because of the customized carpet I made for the house entrance...

Btw, a DIY suggestion: the headband with a removable train. It was my present for Nathalie and she dressed up the train, being the wedding girl to end the fashion show. Attached with Velcro, this headband can be worn like costume's accessory as well as regular headband.

Not done on purpose, but happy to see this post is the 100th post of my blog. After 2 years blogging about my sewing and crafting activities, this post confirms the orientation of my job: giving happiness to children throughout the use of these fantastic materials that are fabrics :)

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