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Big napkins for big kids

Here are the new napkins for my children, simply customized flour sack towels with decorative stitches, some felt for ears and several touches of fabric markers.

I think bib’s time is over. Anyway, however their ages and requests, after intensive use of their elastic big kid bibs made 2 years ago, it was really time to renew them. These big napkins for big kids match with their traveler pillows: a raccoon for Marlène, a fox for Louisa and a bunny for my little Marilou.

First, I decided to customize a dish towel for my oldest one who was asking me a regular napkin for a while and finally made some for the 3 girls. They are happy having the choice to keep on legs as well as to attach them to their neck. There are 2 assorted snap kam buttons to attach them easily (you can see the buttons on the first group of pictures took outside). The advantage, they don't require any knot and they can even taken off without removing the buttons and they are discrete if they are not used.

For sure, these white towels get dirty faster than print fabrics but on the other hand, they cover more and mainly, my girls love the design and accept with pleasure to put them on.

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