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Sewing and blowing...

It's like this we celebrated her 9 years old and it's exactly what she wished. I executed everything she asked and even more, using her favorite colors, fabrics, prints, and of course cooking her favorite cake and inviting her best friends.

She was so happy! For my part, it already makes 9 years now that I play this fantastic role of mom, trying to give her as much happiness as possible. But the thing is that she doesn't know how much she gives me back and how proud I am of her.

She would like to be astronaut but for the moment, except some nights spent behind the telescope with her dad, she's mainly playing with dolls (if she's not freaking in the studio ;)). Because of her age, being the oldest one confers her the privilege to be a key partner in my sewing activities.

We share this secret garden and she wanted to share a bit of our little nest with her friends, just the time to make a cute outfit for their dolls. It was a rainy day outside but full of shiny smiles inside, a great afternoon spent with a lovely group of girls! Happy birthday my sweet heart!

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