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Such a girly sewing party!

What a fabulous birthday party it was again!

The 10 years old of one of my faithful and lovely sewer has been celebrated at the studio. To be up to this occasion supposed a beautiful sewing project to make all together. We kept the secret with the birthday girl until the big day, a minority only was aware. They didn’t know what we will realize, even if a clue was stuck in front of the envelope containing the invitation cards. As you can see on the photos, it’s a mannequin with a fabric dress, a sticker especially made for this event, little details that kids love so much :)

No doubt the 8 guests would love this project but a bit relieved so far at the beginning of the party because no conflict neither hesitation about the choice of the fabric and colors of the shirt. Indeed, kids needed to choose one fabric AND one T-shirt. Why? To make a dress! In fact, we were going to turn a T-shirt into a dress

I confess that it wasn't a very easy project, I didn’t choose the facility, most of guests didn't know how to sew, but thanks to the mom's presence, it was possible. She was a very helpful hand, essential when it was time to help kids for skirts gatherings, a tricky task making it on a long length. Waiting for their turn, they roared and joked all together, the studio was full of laughs!

As soon as the girls finished the last hem of the dresses, they quickly dressed up and then, looked very happy to get little pretty things in their goody bags to complete their new outfit: an assorted brooch, a slap-band and even a headband (wire string headband). Indeed, having the responsibility of goody bags was a fabulous opportunity to make assorted accessories to complete the sewing project.

The girls were all so pretty and I think they were quite proud of themselves. A quick stop in the mirror, a large smile admiring their work, and it was time to blow the candles. A golden sewing machine as candleholder, some shine of gold for 10 years old, is so much better!

I hope I have reached the goal: get fun in a sewing experience and demystify the use of a sewing machine to these young girls. By the way, sewing is always an occasion to show what means handmade: with not a lot of materials but good ideas, we can get a lot of satisfaction with thread and needle!

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