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Let's Sew Valentine!

Valentine's day is the next coming up event!

It's such a serious thing in the US, every kid is supposed to bring their cards at school for every single schoolmate. Of course, we need extra ones also to give to friends and family… So, let's see how to get fun in sewing cute and creative Valentine's cards!

Definitely yesterday the workshop was dedicated to hearts, and how these hearts were sweet! It was a very instructive class. We talked about "appliqué technic" and how to sew a heart shape. Sewing around a heart is a very good training to sew as slowly as possible and along curves. But as usual, perfection wasn't required to get a pretty look. Look at the pictures, it's even cute to see these little seams made by mistake out the hearts! On the other hand, sewing square pieces of paper on the back of the fabrics, was a good opportunity to remind how pivoting in angles with the machine needle. They also had fun in designing their cards with fabric markers :)

I show you the models I prepared for this class but also their creations, here is the work in progress! We will continue and finish next week, so as they will be able to distribute their pretty cards on Valentine's day.

Let's see this afternoon if the sewers at the French School will jump in this project with same enthusiasm!

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