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A happy Valentine's workshop with my kids

Believe me, Valentine's Day when you have 3 kids at school or preschool, means making a huge pile of cards or crafty treats and several hours spent to help the children to realize them. I can say now, we are done! They had fun, me too, but personally now, I feel more relax and happy, because for once this year we are ready a few days in advance.

Marlène, 9 years old, was totally autonomous and decided to make tiny little paper ships with a heart as the only passenger. So cute idea, and she made about thirty ones, for every schoolmates plus other ones for friends and family members. I have been very impressed by her patience and meticulosity, wow!

Louisa wrote and draw on pre-made wooden mustaches found at Target store and also made her own cards with sequins and felt hearts (made after the photo shoot). She loves to draw and has been very creative too. Marilou, my little one, customized little cards and it's already a big job to copy and write about 15 different names at 4,5 years old, it was challenging but she did it!

As you can see on the first pic', they all made plastic hearts with melted beads, turned into sun catcher or neckless. I already talked about sun catcher in a previous post. It's a really fun craft we can use for every kind of event. We stapled the plastic bag containing the sun catcher to the cards to offer them.

Teachers recommended to bring a mail box with a cut to slide the envelopes and a big opening to take the pile off at the end… I improvised a mail box for each girl: one with a big wire cookie box and 2 others with plastic bottles of 1 Gallon. The duck tape is very helpful to protect poky and sharp edges. They love their boxes and had fun in customization.

I regretted not to have time to organize a Valentine's sewing workshop but actually, I will sew a special project on February 14th with a group of young kids. Girl scouts are coming to sew at the studio and in honor of this special day, we will make a photo frame in felt and plastic sheet with a heart shape, as you can see on the picture. I'm looking forward to Saturday!

Let me know if you have questions about our Valentine's crafty thing, I will be happy to give you more details if you want to do same :)

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