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The indoor garden on the window

This afternoon, when I came in her classroom, Marilou told me to pick her beans up.

- "What? which beans?" I asked her.

- "Right here on the window mom!" she said.

- Oh okay, the ziplock hung with tape on the window, that's cute" It was really pretty, all these bags with long beans stalks and leaves growing inside. But, I was already secretly thinking about some arrangements with fabrics… and tadam! here they are! Now, I have a vegetal window in the studio and even some other bags to do the same in our home of course :)

Do you like them? If yes, they are pretty easy to realize but I tell you right away, the iron will be your best enemy, nothing better to ruin your work at the end if it touches the bag even less than a second. I warn you because as you can guess, I tried it. Just make like a big bias according the size of your bags, put 2 eyelets in the back and at the end, rip some stitches to slide a wooden stick of the width of your bag. Before inserting plants or flowers, don't forget to double your bag with another plastic bag inside, you can pour water without damaging your fabric bag so as you can preserve your sewn bag as long as possible.

Don't you have any flowers? Look at what you have in your yard or your balcony. For my part, I picked whatever I could find in my yard, jasmine that started blooming, begonia and peony flowers, also bean sprout. It's already Spring here, let's say even Summer... No flowers ? try some succulents, or just pretty branches of leaves, or even dry flowers.

As Marilou did at school, you can insert wet cotton with seeds. It's a very pretty and fun way to grow sprouts. Simple, cheap and exciting for kids. It's why I made 3 assorted fabric plastic bags for my girls bedroom. It's so much more convenient than having a jar or a pot in their room!

How to hang them? I used regular tape hidden with paper tape but you can use fancy paper or fabric tape. And look at the last picture, the back of the window is not that bad, right ?

Enjoy your indoor garden, a perfect way to look forward warmer temperatures. Good luck to people not living in California and waiting for Spring!

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