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My first stitches on leather...

Here is my new experience in sewing: Leather.

These past months, I was obsessed by this idea, sewing leather and specially making a purse. At least, I took a few hours to realize the pattern of this bag. It’s my “Striped and leather bag” already adopted by my shoulder. The big advantage of custom-made is getting the size that fits best to you. This bag is large enough to put the essentials (wallet, phone and sunglasses) plus bottle and books, but small enough to be comfortably portable. Made with felt, light cotton and leather, this hand-bag is robust and light weight at once.

I have to confess that sewing leather has not been my best time spent behind a machine. It didn’t turn me into an addict of this material. I love the look but I obviously prefer sewing regular fabric. That’s a special material that requires special knowledge if you want to get a clean finish. Despite the fact that I used my heavy duty machine (Janome DC 5030), special needle, presser foot and thread, even just for cutting it was tricky.

But no matter, the result is nice, I got satisfaction and I think it’s worth doing it. I will even renew soon this experience because another piece of leather and a pretty Liberty fabric are waiting for me in the studio to be transformed in the twin sister of this bag. Us ladies, we have never enough purses, right?

But in fact it will probably be a non identical twin because this time it won’t be only for me but for you who would like to sew at the studio. I plan to realize a simplified version of this bag to be able to propose a model for the next “Mom’s Sew Out Night”. Let’s see after Winter break and let’s read this book today to prepare our imminent departure…

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