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Happy Louisa

She's so smily and sweet. She's such a generous girl who loves sharing her feelings and among all, her affection. She is kind of kid who spontaneously comes to you and say " Maman je t'aime", drops a kiss and turns back. It's kind of kid who often leaves a little drawing on each bed pillow as a surprise for us and her sisters at bed time.

She loves company and I'm still impressed by her non shyness, always ready to have fun with everybody she meets and joking. In French, I would call her " le bout en train", still laughing, enthusiastic and positive. I think she's quite representative of the happiness and spontaneousness of this age… 7, already a big girl of 7 years old. And who dares saying that the kid of the middle misses temperament and is looking for a place between siblings? Fight the cliché, Louisa is more than alive example of the opposit!

Today, one month later of her birthdate, we finally celebrated her birthday with friends. She asked us a gymnastic party and, you know what, we said yes! We found this place which proposes circus style activities and it looks like the 15 kids had a lot of fun. As parents, a party out of our house was a new experience for us. We really prefer old fashion style, inviting friends at home and playing with a few fun and simple things we enjoy to prepare for this special event. In the US, it's very common to make your party in a dedicated place, you can organize some almost everywhere like Spa or Swimming pool and, as you may know, you can even organize a sewing party for kids! ;)

Ok, the party took place somewhere else than our home, but it wasn't a reason to skip little handmade things as I love to do for these occasions… To continue on the American fashion, I made cupcakes. All natural and organic cupcakes. Of course because Louisa loves cupcakes and homemade, because I can't stand all these artificial colors of manufactured cakes. And so excited she was making our owns!

My girls were also very excited to make "roudoudous" with the seashells they picked on the beach during our trip in Baja California last week. A "Roudoudou" is a hard candy made with caramel poured into a seashell. I personalized the original recipe by giving a light flavor with blueberry sirup and by decorating them with butterfly sprinkles. As I wasn't able to find a translation, I deducted that it was not known here, so I made a little packaging to explain that it's a candy to lick out of the shell. This little candy of my childhood that my mom was used to making for our parties, so common for me, seems to be unknown in this country so far. But believe me, kids didn't need details to understand how to enjoy it!

Of course, no party without goody bags, quickly sewn and customized, a pretty drawstring bag is still welcome and takes part of the gift to the guests. I simply used neon yellow fabric paint to write each name, that's all!

One more birthday party, one month after her big sister and 2 months before her little sister birthday, I don't get tired celebrating my girls, my treasures, wherever it takes place! Happy birthday Louisa!

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