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Two new aviaries in the studio...

Because they are my favorite animals and I will never be able to put real ones in cage…

Here are some fake birds brought back from Mexico, found in the town of La Paz. It was in one of those stores or "tiendas" that I love, full of junk and cheap things. Kind of very colorful shop, looking more like a bazaar where the space is too narrow to correctly put the goods on the shelve. It's a place where you will generally get non-useful things like bad quality toys and little gadgets, but cute enough to ravish kids and by the way, crafters (or big kids) like me.

I haven’t invented this kind of lamp, I kept this idea from a lampshade saw at the Conran Shop a long time ago now, and sold to an exorbitant price, far to match with my budget… I tell you right away, I don't feel guilty getting inspiration and using designer's ideas that I consider too restricted to very rich people. It doesn't compromise anybody that a little crafter makes a pale copy of the original, right?

Otherwise, if you compare with the original, it’s quite different and naturally, I prefer the look of the original pendant lamp. I regretted I had to hang them against the ceiling with 2 visible ugly bulbs. But in fact, I didn’t have the choice with the kind of ceiling and type of lamps I already had. It’s why I must keep the basis with both bulbs but I will try to get prettier bulbs soon to improve the look. If you like my lampshades so far, here is the list of what you need:

- Wire cloth (Home Depot)

Cut wire cloth and tulle 1” bigger than the diameter of your hoops, put them between both circle hoops, with tulle outside (the tulle will spontaneously grippe to the wire cloth), for top and down. Slide the wooden sticks into the wire holes and use a hot glue gun to maintain the birds on them. Just hang to your ceiling, eventually using wire string, according the kind of lamp you have.

Voilà, that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this new DIY!

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